The Chapter One Research Program

The Chapter One Research Program

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Introducing: Cohort #2 of the Chapter One Research Program
Cohort 2
Product Launch NFTs: From Passive Collectors to Passionate Users
ConsumerCohort 2
The Wallet of Tomorrow: How ERC-4337 is changing on-chain interaction
WalletsAccount AbstractionCohort 2Consumer
DePIN: A Primer on One of Web3’s Most Interesting Emerging Verticals
InfrastructureDePINCohort 2
The State of On-chain Games: Pioneering the Next Generation of Virtual Autonomous Economics
ConsumerGamingCohort 2
Web3 Credentials: Primer & Resource Hub
Cohort 1
Zero Knowledge Proofs: Primer for non-technical web3 researchers
Cohort 1
Cohort #2: The Recap Video
Cohort 2

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About The Chapter One Research Program

A 10-week program designed for current college students looking to expand on their research & writing skills and work with some of the top founders and mentors in the space.