Decentralized Wireless (DeWi)

Decentralized Wireless (DeWi)

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November 1, 2022

DeWi is creatively destructing the massive telecoms industry.

What problem does the telecoms industry face?

Why are DeWi faves @helium & @PollenMobile primed to solve the issue? Anon, it's about time we dive into Decentralised WirelessLet's dive in 👇


1/ The telecom industry faces the following problems:

1. Shift to 5G requires a greater density of towers

2. Massive spectrum lays idle on the books

3. NPS of 6 indicates massive customer dissatisfaction

For each structural issue, DeWi's offers its own value proposition.

2/ But first, what is DeWi? Decentralised Wireless is a network of crowdsourced telecom hardware governed by token incentives.DeWi is a form of Proof of Physical Work, EdgeFi and Token Incentivised Physical Infrastructure Networks.


3/ @MessariCrypto laid out the core tenets of DeWi's superior solution:-crowdsourcing of capital expenditure (CapEx)-blockchain automation-zero marginal real estate cost-pay-as-you-go model


4/ @helium is the prime example of DeWi at work. The worldwide network consists of 950K hotspots - the network that hasn't caught mainstream demand just yet. Now @helium @PollenMobile are building 5G-networks, which facilitate a clear consumer demand.


5/ Before looking at the solution DeWi offers, let's look at the 3 problems Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile face today:

6/ 1. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are faced with facilitating 5G, which requires an even greater density of towers.The hinterland is at risk of being left behind. DeWi token-incentives are primed for the rural area, leading to greater coverage in under-populated regions.

7/ 2. The Big3 have 5-25% of $375B worth of spectrum licenses left idle. In the face of rising interest rates & inflation, the Big3 is looking to monetise unused spectrum. Selling unused spectrum to a DAO that would rent out spectrum to DeWi networks suddenly becomes viable.

8/ 3. Net Promoter Score of 6 (out of max 100) indicates massive customer dissatisfaction

Leaving customers massively unsatisfied gives them the incentive to experiment.

9/This leads us to the following: While DeWi may initially provide a service sup-par in quality, it is at a much lower price-point and better UX.Innovator's dilemma, anyone?


10/ In the face of Big3's struggle, DeWi still faces an uphill battle to gain marketshare. So, now, what actually gives DeWi a shot at the goal?

11/ 1. Apple's latest iPhone only facilitates eSim.

eSim activated through a carrier's app dramatically lowers switching costs. Living in the hinterland and want to access @helium or @PollenMobile's service? It's as easy as loading an eSim.

12/ 2. DeWi doesn't need $billions of up-front investments in spectrum licenses.

In '20, the FDD opened up the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for new 5G entrants. This gives @helium and @PollenMobile room to experiment with 5G without $B of upfront investments.

13/ 3. Unit economics

As @EV3ventures notes, DeWi is able to operate at lower unit economics compared to Telco. This is due to reduction and crowdsourcing of CapEx and OpEx as well as elimination of spectrum costs and the pay-as-you-go model.

14/ DeWi-5G's greatest value-add will be in the hinterland with low coverage and at venues such as festivals where broadband is congested.

15/ DeWi's impact on consumers may be most impactful through 5G - but there's more to the space.

For one, @helium IOT has proved Proof of Physical Work can reach a mature scale - its LoRaWan network with 950K gateways spans the whole of the USA and EU (


16/ Helium has been pretty busy over the last few months:

  • @TMobile agreement allows Helium users to use T-Mobile's networks when the area is not covered by Helium itself.
  • moving to Solana
  • HIP51 changing $HNT accrue value towards a "network of networks"

17/ As the Helium community grows, it's essential for a fair incentivising mechanism to exist between the IOT, 5G, WIFI, and other sub-DAOs. It will be exciting to see whether Helium and Pollen can again build a nationwide network - now with 5G which has clear consumer demand.

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