How Web3 Powers the Gamification of the Music Industry

How Web3 Powers the Gamification of the Music Industry

Written by
Taylor Silveira
Date published
April 20, 2023

How will web3 power the gamification of the music industry?🧵 Music consumption shouldn’t be singularly about passive consumption, rather it should be an adventure.

"Gamification is at the core of revolutions."- V.R. Kapoor 🔥It taps into our innate desire for exploration, challenge & reward and delves into our psychological needs for mastery, autonomy, and social interaction, creating a sense of accomplishment, ownership, and community.

Gamification in web2 vs. web3 - there's a difference! In web3, players can have true ownership of assets, leading to deeper psychological engagement.

💰 With tangible stakes in items, characters, and currencies minted in-game, players can potentially monetize their in-game activities. Ownership could motivate fans to engage in the game, earn rewards, and strategically manage their digital assets to maximize their value.

🚀 In web3, "psychological ownership" is the key ingredient for growth and retention, as noted by @ljin18 from @variantfund.Building products and services in web3 means deepening the psychological connection with users.

Digital artifacts can hold sentimental value as proven by what drives people to purchase digital assets like NFTs and crypto in the first place which has allowed their popularity and demand to flourish. 🪙

Through web3-powered gamification of the music industry, artists, and fans...- collaborate- co-create- co-own...the music experience.

An experiment called SongSync via @sweetman_ethenables Spotify users to play games to earn streams for their favorite musicians on Spotify.It leverages the value of streams as rewards and empowers fans to actively contribute to the success of their favorite artists.

Another tool an individual built is a real-time music visualizer on top of the @soundxyz_ API. Including other integrations, such as Three.js and almost the full arsenal from Poimandres @brainFnCl

The tool converts a song's frequencies into an active, moving visual to represent the sound in a different form.While there’s a sense of tangibility we grasp when listening to our favorite tunes, tying this back to a visual asset provides a multisensory experience for the user.

Music consumers love the user-friendly web2 platform @Spotify where over the past few years, people have even created various plug-ins that convert one’s most played or listened to tracks, artists, and genres from Spotify into visual representations of your music taste.

The list of these @Spotify music plug-in tools out there is truly endless but I’ve created a short list below...Icebergify: Pie:

The greater takeaway from this is that people want democratized music experiences, where artists and fans converge in a synergistic partnership to collaboratively shape and share ownership of the vibrant and immersive world of music.

Music will probably increasingly be viewed as an investment asset, and with its evolving modes of consumption, it requires specialized expertise to effectively exploit and monetize it.

A new cultural phenomenon began to set in with 📺 @MTV, the groundbreaking 24-hour music channel, which played a pivotal role in shaping the industry. As more people became cognizant of how the picturization of a song enhances the storytelling element of music.

The democratization of video production and distribution has allowed artists to have more control over their creative content and reach fans directly.

The financial infrastructure is the backbone of the music industry and could set the foundation for gamification, particularly in terms of monetization, defining a set framework for incentivization, contribution, and rewards. Companies like @r3vl_xyz are leading the way:

⚙️ The artist-to-fan connection is broken: Traditional methods of fan engagement, such as concerts, merchandise, and social media interactions, only scratch the surface and fail to provide a fully participatory experience.

Take, for example, @taylorswift13’s Era’s Tour, where fans who are attending shows are live streaming on TikTok.Just in the first two nights of the tour, the total number of views on these streams reached a staggering 80 million.

Fans want to be fully transported into the unfolding of the story and become an integral piece of the journey, much like the electrifying IRL experiences of concerts and festivals where they can feel the palpable energy through this connection.

The introduction of @Showtime_xyz as a web3 social network for the music industry leverages novel primitives like NFTs, Soulbound tokens, and social tokens.

The gamified element here that’s built into the platform encourages fans to actively engage with their favorite creators and stake ownership in their art by accumulating digital assets, incentivizing fan engagement, earning them recognition, and access to exclusive content.

By redefining the artist-to-fan connection by becoming the main home base for various artists and their fandoms to gather online, @medallionfm is creating unparalleled opportunities for immersive fan participation and forming a deeper sense of community.

Their overall goal is to foster greater fan participation, provide actionable insights, and unlock more economic potential for artists and fans to equally benefit through staking ownership in digital goods one controls.

The way we consume visual content in music has remained largely unchanged, with familiar access routes, but the formats and devices we employ have evolved drastically.

Yet, the experience remains confined to the web2 realm, where we merely gaze upon pixels that adorn our screens, devoid of active engagement. The untapped opportunities for gamification have left a void in the fan x artist relationship.

In a revolutionary fusion of music and gaming, web3 record label and artist advocacy group @NvakCollective, is pioneering the way by developing one of the first music video games. It combines gameplay with the artist’s music.

The game is centered on their artist @AnnikaRoseSings and her track “Bruises” and is crafted in @UnrealEngine 5.In anticipation of the release of the music video game, the team is releasing four scenes that show unique fragments of the game that people can collect and mint.

If one claims all four scenes, they will earn an allowlist spot in the Listening Room.This room is an exclusive token-gated immersive music environment, serving as a vibrant hub for community collaboration, in-game activations, and NFT mint opportunities.

Here, fans come together, collaborate, and contribute to the dynamic world of the game.It elevates the ways fans consume music, where the boundaries between reality and virtuality blur into an unforgettable sensory journey.

Imagine owning a rare digital collectible that represents your fandom, earning badges, and having a say in decisions through decentralized governance. On-chain fan clubs could be virtual playgrounds for artists and fans alike.

Some of the ways fans can claim true ownership over assets in on-chain fans clubs could include the following ways listed below.👾 Play to earn🖼️ Play to own🗳️ Play to vote

It promises a future where music surpasses mere consumption, becoming a visceral, emotive, and collaborative journey for both fans and artists alike.

Users can embark on virtual journeys, solve puzzles, or engage in challenges to unlock special assets that represent their fandom through play to earn for example.

The advent of music asset tokenization is just the beginning of this gamification revolution.Where fans are given unprecedented ownership of digital collectibles, royalties, and virtual concert tickets. 🎟️

Fans are moved by their underlying feelings of intrinsic motivation and form a psychological attachment to these “cultural products.”These cultural products are like ethereal fragments of a digital tapestry, woven with artistry, technology, and community.

Instigating a sense of ownership that evolves into that of accomplishment, driving fans to engage more deeply within these music hubs, leading to increased loyalty, retention, and advocacy.

Web3-built platforms are simply the conduits that ignite our underlying intrinsic motivations, striking the perfect chords, and allowing for the highest forms of play, mastery, and community to take place.

Thank you to @mtangarova2 & @nonieengel for all of your feedback on this piece!

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