Introduction to RaaS: The Key to Ethereum’s Modular Rollup Future

Introduction to RaaS: The Key to Ethereum’s Modular Rollup Future

Written by
Alexander Gu
Date published
April 8, 2023

Rollups-as-a-service are the future of infra.But you've probably never heard of them.RaaS providers like @Calderaxyz will dramatically increase access to scalable infra, enabling a massive leap in consumer innovation.A thread on everything you need to know 🧵


1/ How does it work?In order to understand RaaS, let's first quickly break down Rollup SDKs and why they matter...

2/ Rollup-SDKs are development frameworks that help engineers launch custom rollups for their applications (aka AppRollups). Providers include the following:

3/ Before diving in, if you need a refresher on AppRollups & their advantages over public chains, take a second to brush up using this thread!

Ready? Let's move on.

4/ Rollup-SDKs offer unified interfaces that enable modularity & composability. Without unified interfaces, there's risk of ending up with a set of lego blocks that don't fit together.

5/ In this way, Rollup-SDKs are key to scaling Ethereum & building its modular future. But, deploying & maintaining custom AppRollups is still quite difficult. Until now.

6/ Introducing RaaSRaaS providers offer a layer of abstraction over Rollup-SDKs to make it easier than ever to launch, maintain, and build on top of custom, production-grade rollups.Empowering devs to focus on building the app layer ✨


7/ @Calderaxyz does this by providing:

1. No-code rollup deployment

2. Significant customizability

3. Robust developer toolkit


8/ No-code rollup deployment 🚀What previously required multiple engineers dozens of hours can now be finished in ~5 minutes through smooth UI on Caldera's no-code deployment platform.


9/ Customizability 🧱Caldera enables devs to tailor an AppRollup to their specific use-case. Customize DA & settlement layers, fee payments, and even native tokens to best fit your app!

10/ Developer Toolkit 🛠Previously, deploying a custom appchain required teams to build ALL the following from scratch. Now, Caldera offers these tools for every chain right out of the box.

1. Testnet faucet

2. Custom block explorer

3. Bridge interface


11/ Why does it matter?

By abstracting these complex processes away, Caldera eliminates 100s of hours of infra work to allow developer teams to focus on what they do best:

Building killer apps.

12/ What does that mean?- Game studios can create fully on-chain games like @0xcurio- Consumer apps can enable gasless transactions- Defi protocols can support native bridging & impressive throughput + latencyIn other words, consumer use-cases 📈

13/ Unlike others, Caldera is betting on the Ethereum ecosystem by building on top of the @optimismFND OP stack, alongside @BuildOnBase and a growing number of leading infra solutions.That means Caldera chains are fully EVM-compatible.


14/ In this way, Caldera's mission is simple:Turning Vitalik's vision of a rollup-future into a reality.The modular era is upon us.

15/ Thanks to @nonieengel & the @Calderaxyz team for helping shape this thread.Check out the rest of the @chapterone research group…

16/ As always, if you wanna chat about anything in this thread feel free to reach out! My DMs are always open :)