TreasureDAO: The Nintendo of Web3

TreasureDAO: The Nintendo of Web3

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April 13, 2023

Hey you! Do you know that interoperability in Web3 games is coming closer to reality?Well.. at least this is what @Treasure_DAO is working on right now 🧵#TreasureDAO

1/24 @Treasure_DAO is a decentralized video game console/publisher fostering the growth of indie Web3 games. Aspiring to be the "Web3 Nintendo," it empowers devs with resources to create innovative on-chain experiences in a shared ecosystem.

2/24 Treasure's thesis: Unite games & players to forge a dynamic meta-ecosystem, unlocking innovative experiences, open economies, and compound network effects.

3/24 Initially inspired by @lootproject, which championed the bottom-up philosophy, the project aimed to become an integral part of the Loot ecosystem. The bottom-up approach is akin to providing writing prompts and game devs will build fantasy universes around the ideas.


4/24 Not long after, the team embarked on their own journey, migrating the collections from Ethereum to Arbitrum with the goal of establishing an independent Treasure-verse.

Why Arbitrum? Low gas fee & high security. More details 👇

5/24 Five key pillars driving the vision of a decentralized video game console:Credit: @Delphi_Digital


6/24 🏦Pillar 1: TreasureDAOThe DAO aims to bootstrap decentralized metaverses driven by community-written stories.Governed by $MAGIC holders, it allows people to vote on Treasure's future developments, incentive allocations and new games bootstrapping initiatives.

7/24 🕹️Pillar 2: Cartridges

Games plugging into Treasure's ecosystem are called "Cartridge," similar to the iconic plastic cartridges from the Nintendo 64 days.

Approx. 30+ cartridges from both in-house and third parties are now showcased on Trove (Treasure's marketplace).

8/24 ✨Pillar 3: MAGICAs more projects join Treasure, the $MAGIC token serves as the unifying factor connecting metaverses, users, and assets.Third-party teams can integrate $MAGIC into their game economies and lore, with many on Trove already utilizing the token.

9/24 $MAGIC emissions support projects via funding & attention. The DAO votes on allocation, steering focus across games.As users engage with Treasure's tools like Trove and MagicSwap, $MAGIC flows back into the DAO treasury via platform fees.

10/24 🛠️Pillar 4: Treasure's ToolsCurrently, three prominent dapps are developed within Treasure, extending the ecosystem's uniqueness.@TroveByTreasure@MagicSwap_


11/24 🌎Pillar 5: Bridgeworld - A flagship game by the Treasure team.In @playbridgeworld, players are drawn to strategic trading, resource collection & crafting, fueled by social coordination & geopolitics. Guilds compete for $MAGIC emissions & strategize for optimal yields.


12/24 Treasure acts as a game console incubating indie games & boosting growth while @playbridgeworld mobilizes the economy, adding value to token assets.It is like a gamified DeFi protocol that utilizes $MAGIC (power), Treasure NFTs (resources), & Legions (players).

13/24 Why opt for Treasure as a builder?=> Benefit from the ecosystem's impressive metrics, unlocking potential growth and success in the thriving gaming landscape.


14/24 Treasure was one of the largest recipients of $ARB airdrops.

This fortune can help accelerate the project's growth and enhance the value of $MAGIC for its holders.


15/24 Treasure, like Steam or Nintendo, connects game devs to vast audiences.Treasure supports devs with grants, planning to reclaim just up to 30% via treasury swap, in contrast to Web2 platforms that seize 30% of revenue.

16/24 A robust community with a total of 400k+ gamers who are ready to test new games, provide valuable feedback and contribute to the games' growth & success.

17/24 New features like TreasureTags incentivize holders to contribute while allowing Treasure to promote or phase out cartridges as needed.By supporting new games or reallocating resources from low-traction games, Treasure fosters quality projects and maintains user interest.

18/24 Treasure's interoperability as a USP creates the "1 + 1 = 3" effect.When games & players can interact and cooperate, a synergistic effect emerges, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts - @karelvuong.


19/24 If you want to learn more about $MAGIC tokenomics, please check out the in-depth analysis from @mrjasonchoi and @JavierAng_

20/24 In short, Treasure establishes a unified ecosystem where games utilize the reserve currency $MAGIC for in-game purposes & cross-game trading.The project serves as an excellent case study in creating interoperability for Web3 game developers.

21/24 With milestones ahead, funding from token raises, and a focus on utility-driven features & onboarding skilled gamers, Treasure could be a breakout star in indie Web3 gaming.

22/24 Thanks for reading!Please follow for more Web3 gaming content and a long-form article on @Treasure_DAO soon 🙌

24/24 Special thanks to @nonieengel@seidtweets and @ethanweii for looking over my last thread with @chapterone 😊 🤝

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